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100,000 Masks delivered to CLCH

100,000 Type 2R Surgical Masks were delivered to Central London Community Healthcare Trust. This provides community care to over 160 services in London.

28,000 Masks delivered to the Midlands

28,000 Type 2R Surgical masks were delivered to the Midlands Partnership NHS Foundation Trust. This is a community healthcare trust which provides physical, mental, learning disability and adult social care in the community. Thank you to the fantastic team at DHL for delivering the PPE!

30,000 Masks delivered to NHS Highland

30,000 Type 2R surgical masks were loaded up and trucked to Inverness overnight. NHS Highland is one of the largest NHS Trusts, covering 12,500 square metres. These masks will be distributed amongst the hospital, community and care homes in Scotland.  

100,000 Masks delivered to Methodist Homes

There is a huge need for PPE in Care Homes across the UK as this is an area that has been badly affected by Covid-19. MHA has over 130 care/nursing homes across the UK.

Sourcing Type 2R Surgical Masks

We have ensured that we have sourced the highest quality surgical masks. They need to be fluid resistant to ensure that patients and frontline workers are protected from airborne droplets. There is extremely high global demand for these masks and we have set up a regular orders over May and June to be fill the supply gaps.

400,000 Surgical Masks have arrived

We have sourced 1 million Type 2R Surgical Masks. 500,000 has gone directly to NHS central and 100,000 is due to arrive next week. Palleted up and ready to be distributed around the UK!

Zen Cargo X MasksforNHSHeroes

We have been working with Zen Cargo (our freight forwarder) to get PPE to the UK as quickly as possible. Due to increased global demand and restrictions is it much harder to get air freight space!

DHL Express X MasksforNHSHeroes

We have partnered with DHL Express who helped bring our second order of 100,000 visors to the UK as quickly as possible. Our cargo flew directly to DHL hub in the East Midlands and was distributed from there around the UK by DHL Supply Chain.

Delivery 2 - 100,000 Visors

There is the full list of the our second delivery of PPE across the UK. We delivered to over 20 locations which supply over 200 institutions in the UK. 

20,000 Visors delivered to Acute Kent Trust

20,000 visors delivered to Maidstone and Tunbridge Wells Trust, Medway, Dartford and Gravesham NHS Trust.

1000 Visors delivered to Somerset CCG

1000 visors delivered to Somerset CCG - supplying 86 GP practices.

10,000 Visors delivered to King's College

10,000 visors delivered to King's College Hospital NHS Trust. Founders Nav and Ravi helped with unloading the delivery.

Delivery 1 - 100,000 Visors

 This map shows the Supply Chain for the first

delivery of 100,000 visors.We delivered to 11 NHS

Trusts in the UK. 

10,000 Visors delivered to East Kent

10,000 visors delivered to East Kent Hospital University Foundation Trust over Easter weekend. Here is Salaj (one of the founders) helping unload the boxes.

60,000 Visors delivered to London Hub

60,000 visors were delivered to the North London procurement depot. These were distributed between 5 NHS Trusts: Royal Free, St George's, Barts, Imperial College and Guy's and St Thomas' NHS Trusts.

The first delivery has arrived in the UK

16 days after starting the crowdfund the first order or PPE has landed in the UK and is being loaded up ready to be delivered across NHS sites within 24 hours of clearing customs.

1400 Visors delivered to GP Partnership

1400 visors delivered to Modality Partnership - which runs 48 GP practices (including 2 Coronavirus Hubs) in Birmingham, Walsall, Hull, Airedale, Wharfedale, Craven, Wokingham, East Surrey and Lewisham.

2000 Visors delivered to West Midlands

2000 visors delivered to Dudley Group NHS Foundation Trust.

DHL Supply Chain X MasksforNHSHeroes

We have been working with DHL Supply Chain to distribute the PPE across the UK 24 hours from it passing customs. Thank you for all of your help and

for all the drivers who have taken time out to help

with the distribution.

1000 Visors delivered to Gloucester

1000 full visors delivered to Gloucestershire Royal Hospital over Easter Weekend.

10,000 Visors delivered to Northwick Park

16 days after starting the crowdfund we started distributing PPE from all of your incredible donations! 10,000 visors were delivered to Northwick Park NHS Trust. This was one of the first hospitals to treat large umbers of patients with coronavirus as well as having one of the largest intensive cares in the UK. Three of the incredible senior nurses came down to help with the boxes. 

Visors are a crucial part of PPE

There are global shortages of PPE and one of those items is face/eye protection. A visor helps protect healthcare workers from any splashes as well as any airborne particles. This is a crucial item that we have been able to source. 

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